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FTN Motion amps up its Streetdog

Kiwi electric motorcycle manufacturer FTN Motion steps out of the moped sector with new model Streetdog

Men point at an electric motorcycle
FTN_Motion-Michel Roncara and Luke Sinclair. Credit Aaron Lam.

FTN Motion’s original Streetdog is a fun little commuter option packing one heck of a practical punch, and now the boys behind the original are amping things up with an even more powerful version dubbed the Streetdog 80.

Set to be build locally at the FTN Motion factory in Hamilton, the Streetdog 90 is expected to be available towards the end of 2024.


As its name suggests, the Streetdog 80 is the next step in the Streetdog story, withe new model boasting a higher top speed of 80km/h and a real-life range of up to 80km. 

Just like the original moped-class Streetdog, it also features a whopping 30 litres of built-in and  lockable storage, a touch-screen display, alarm-activated wheel lock, regenerative braking, and a proprietary LG 21700 lithium-ion battery.

Unlike the original Streetdog, the 80 does have its downside as its top speed and power means it doesn’t fall within the definition of a moped-class bike and as such will mean it will require riders to hold a motorcycle license.

Michel Roncara, FTN’s General Manager, says there’s already strong interest from both sides of the Tasman in the next evolution of the Streetdog. 

“Since the beginning of FTN Motion, people have asked us if a faster Streetdog was on the cards. Over the last 12 months, we’ve been developing the new Streetdog80 to meet customer demand. We were stoked to see buyers from Aotearoa and Australia lining up to secure the first Streetdog80s as soon as we opened the reservation list.

“Our team has been putting the bike through its paces in Wellington - our original test zone given the city's ruggedness - and it’s ticking all the boxes. We can’t wait for it to be on the road,” he says.

colourful motorcycles with people looking on
FTN Motion_ Founders Luke Sinclair, Kendall Britow and Saskia Thornton. Credit Alastair McKenzie

FTN Motion's co-founder, Luke Sinclair says the Streetdog80 also marks other milestones for the company: the first production run from its new purpose-built Hamilton base and the first for Australasian customers.

“We took the Streetdog to Sydney and Melbourne towards the end of 2023 and had an incredible response from our roadshow and test rides. Congestion and parking are massive problems in most main centres. The typical daily commute is around 15km with a single person in a car. The rush of orders for the Streetdog80 that have come through since the launch shows people are keen for something different.

“Moving our manufacturing to Hamilton was an essential step in our journey to scale production, particularly as we enter Australia. I can’t wait to see our new factory humming as we build and deliver the Streetdog80 to riders on both sides of the Tasman,” he says. 

FTN Motion says that the fully customisable Streetdog80 has an estimated price of $14,500, and will be built to order in Hamilton.


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