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Slip blocks 42 Traverse

It's one of our favourite rides in the North Island, but for now, the iconic 42 Traverse is impassible due to a large slip.

With the torrential rain in the leadup to the summer period, a large slip formed on the track which central plateau which resulted in the route becoming impassable.

The slip washed away a section of 150 metres of track between the turn-off to Top/Clymo Track and the turnoff to Waione/Cokers Track about 2/3rds of the way through the track from the Karpoors Rd entrance.

It's a blow to those looking to spend some of their summer weekends blasting over one of the North Island’s most fun tracks, and it doesn't look to be rectified anytime soon.

Investigations into the slip are ongoing, but recent reports indicate the situation is getting worse rather than better at the time of writing.

Due to the partial closure, the 42 Traverse is not operational as a full end-to-end experience but the remainder of the track is open. The Top/Clymo Track and Ten Man Hut are accessible from Ohinetonga Reserve in Owhango, and Waione/Cokers Track is accessible from Kapoors Road.


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