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KTM Announces New 890 Adventure

Hot on the heels of the new 890 Adventure R, KTM has announced that the 790 Adventure will also evolve to use the new 890 LC8c engine.

Expected to arrive in March or April next year, the 890 Adventure takes a more laid back approach to adventure than the R variant with a focus on providing an excellent platform for all-roads travel rather than all-out dirt domination.

“With the development of the new KTM 890 Adventure we hit all our marks by offering an upgraded machine for both road and gravel riding, says KTM‘s product manager for the travel segment Joachim Sauer.

”With the new engine we worked a lot on optimizing the overall performance and feeling while out riding. The result is a big improvement in the bike’s rideability, better stability, less gear shifting and added comfort for the long days on the saddle.”

Like the higher spec R variant, the 890 Adventure builds from the 790 as a base with refinements starting with the new 105hp/100Nm 890cc parallel twin, updated WP shock and option electronics including KTM’s Quickshifter+ and cruise control.

The engine features 20% extra rotating mass at the crankshaft which KTM says brings an improved feeling at low revs while augmenting the centralised sensation and traction through corners.

Seemingly responding to internet claims of a weak clutch on the 790 model, the 890 Adventure also comes with a refined and stronger clutch to cope with the boosted performance and the powerplant is also Euro5 compliant so we should see it around for some time.

A new WP APEX rear shock offers greater customisation potential through a new rebound damping adjuster and an additional hand adjuster for spring preload. The suspension with its 200mm of clearance matches the rest of the chassis configuration in placing the bike firmly between use for the tarmac and the trail, unlike it’s more adventurous R counterpart.

Factory fitted amenities include a full-size TFT dashboard, Cornering ABS, Motorcycle Traction Control and Motor Slip Regulation in the electronics side, while an adjustable seat and a strong yet lightweight subframe for pillion or baggage round out the bike.

Pricing will be revealed closer to the New Zealand arrival of the bike.


// New engine with 90 cc added displacement

// Improved performance with 105 hp & 100 Nm (Euro5)

// Better rideability thanks to 20% increased rotating mass

// Stronger clutch adapted to increased performance

// Engine knock control system (use of low Octane fuel)

// High-quality WP suspension components & new rear shock

// Reworked front & rear brakes for added control

// Improved ABS & MTC settings

// Anodized wheel hubs instead of powder coated

// Handlebar switch with Cruise Control button (software additional)

// Weight optimization thanks to compact motor & fuel tank

// Slim profile, refined ergonomics & new graphics

// Travel-ready with two-part, adjustable seat & low fender

// Smartphone connectivity giving access to music, calls

// Optional KTM MY RIDE app for turn-by-turn navigation

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