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Kawasaki’s Hot New Dual Sport KLX300 Won’t Be Heading To NZ

Yesterday Kawasaki unveiled the first if its 2021 models with two of more exciting for us being the KLX300 and KLX300SM, but sadly as much as we want them they won’t be heading to Kiwi dealers at this stage.

Kawasaki NZ confirmed the news this morning that due to both the KLX300 and KLX300SM not featuring ABS, neither will be offered as 2021 models here in NZ.

Now let’s be clear, this isn’t the fault of Kawasaki NZ. In fact, we’re pretty sure they’d love to add more options to their already very popular LAMS lineup but unfortunately, legislation is getting in the way of the new KLX models and Kiwi Riders.

Yup, we’re talking the love it or loathe it ABS law which comes into full force next year, which essentially mandates ABS must be fitted to motorcycles over a capacity of 125cc. This is a blow to the community if riders who want a modern lightweight fuel injected dual sport or supermoto without the Euro tax but it isn’t to say Kawasaki won’t add ABS to the models at a later date.

Kawasaki’s newest dual sport offering, the KLX230 offers the company’s first off-road ABS system which in time could also be applied to the new 300 models. With legislation like our ABS law becoming more popular around the globe, we’ve got our fingers crossed Kawasaki will add ABS and unlock the KLX300 models for kiwi roads in the near future.


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