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Husqvarna Continues To Tease Norden 901 Adventure Bike With New YouTube Series

It’s been a long time since we heard anything official from Husqvarna regarding the upcoming Norden 901 adventure bike. Often that’s a sign that things aren’t going to plan, which considering the raging global pandemic isn’t a real surprise.

After first debuting at the 2019 edition of EICMA, we’ve not heard much regarding the 889cc Norden 901, however, Husqvarna isn’t letting the Norden flame die out and has just released the first in a series of behind the scenes videos on the development of the Norden 901.

While there is little to no information on how long the video series will run, it is a relief to see that Husqvarna hasn’t quietly put the Norden 901 out to pasture. Who knows, the end of the series might just reveal the full production model. Wouldn’t that be great Husky fans?


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