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Harley-Davidson Confirms LiveWire NZ Pricing and Availability

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Harley-Davidson Australia today has confirmed pricing and regional availability of the all-electric LiveWire.

Priced at $53,995, the LiveWire will be made available at select Harley-Davidson dealerships - currently listed as Auckland Harley-Davidson and Hamilton’s Road and Sport - from September. Currently we have no word on which dealerships will stock LiveWire, but we do know they will need a three-phase electrical system in place to be considered as a dealer of Harley-Davidson’s premier electric product.

In addition to today’s announcement, Harley has confirmed pre-orders are now open for the first electric motor from a mainstream manufacturer.

At the global launch of LiveWire in Portland last year Harley-Davidson’s staff made it clear that LiveWire was not expected to be sold in large numbers, its price point being the main barrier to entry.

However Harley did have plans for a much wider electric family within the Motor Co. with multiple concept vehicles including an electric scooter and mountain bike on show at the time.

Whetheir these vehicles are still slated for release under the management of newly anointed President and CEO Jochen Zeitz who quickly axed the More Roads To Harley-Davidson initiative under which they were conceived is anyone’s guess. LiveWire has been a long time in the making and comes at a crucial time for Harley-Davidson as a whole.

In fact, much of Harley’s recent attempts to distance itself from its old image has rested with the LiveWire, with the bike first making its public debut in 2014 as Project LiveWire before starting aloneside Scarlet Johansson in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We rode the LiveWire at Harley-Davidson's global launch last year and were firmly impressed.

With around 235km of urban range thanks to regenerative braking and a blisteringly quick 0-100kph time of just 3-seconds it was a hoot to ride.

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