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Dream bike builder: Ducati launches online configurator

Ducati has announced the launch of an online motorcycle configurator, finally allowing prospective owners to build their dream motorbike digitally.

I'll be honest, I reckon there’s no better way to whittle away a boring day than to hit up a bike brand’s online bike configurator and create some fantasy bike builds.

While they’re designed for prospective owners to see the potential for accessorising their prospective bikes, how many users actually pull the trigger will probably always be a mystery.

Now joining other premium European brands like Triumph in offering the configurator experience is Ducat, which has implemented the experience into the website.

The project was created in collaboration with MHP - A Porsche Company, which finally gives Ducati hopefuls a way in which they can interact with the iconic Italian motorcycles and customise them. Essentially, Ducati aims to hook them in by offering them the opportunity to start living the Ducati dream even before touching it in person.

The configurator provides over 400 original Ducati Performance accessories to be digitally attached to Ducati’s range of bike allowing users to experiment with different combinations, adapting the bike to their preferences and needs. 

Once the configuration is complete, if you want to make the bike a reality you can send it directly to your local dealer and obtain a quote, as well as virtually photograph it in Full-HD to store the image on your computer or smartphone.

In a rather classy touch, Ducati’s configurator allows you to admire the selected bike in iconic locations for Ducati and Made in Italy, such as Piazza Maggiore, in the heart of Bologna, the finish straight of the Mugello International Circuit and the off-road paradise in Sardinia. There is also an in-built immersive experience like a real walkaround, in 4K resolution.

Each setting was first photographed at 360° and then transformed into a realistic 3D background through digital renders by specialised artists.

Further enhancing the experience, it is also possible to choose two moments of the day, between daytime and sunset, thus highlighting the light clusters (the DRL by day, the low beams by night) and the dashboard.

The new features are available on all models in the 2024 Ducati range and if you’re like me, you’re probably going to spend a lot of time fantasising over at


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