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Confirmed: No Tenere 700 Rally Edition For New Zealand

Sadly for Kiwi riders the news came through this morning that we will not be receiving the newly announced Tenere 700 Rally Edition for the New Zealand market.

Announced last week by Yamaha Motor Europe, the Tenere 700 Rally Edition is built in France to commemorate Yamaha’s early success in the Dakar Rally.

Boasting a special Sky Blue livery with Yamaha’s iconic speed block motif, the Rally Edition rolls out of the factory with a higher specification of equipment thanks to the official Tenere 700 parts catalogue.

Priced at roughly $2300 more than the base bike in the UK market, the Rally Edition is quite the bargain even without the exclusive paint.

Sadly for Kiwis, the Rally Edition has been confirmed as a European only model, with Yamaha Motor New Zealand’s Dinesh Chhagn breaking the disappointing news to

Official word back, unfortunately we won’t be getting this unit in NZ”, he said.

The Tenere 700 is currently the best selling motorcycle of 2020 (according to official MIA stats) off the back of strong pre-orders in 2019 and the first shipments of the bike arriving in January of this year.

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