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Yamaha Europe Launches Tenere 700 Rally Special Edition

The Yamaha Tenere 700 is one of the most refreshing motorcycles we’ve ridden in the past 18 months, with a no frills approach to adventure it packs in the value while also excelling at its mission brief. Now, Yamaha Europe is releasing a special edition of the top selling model to celebrate the very legends that gave birth to the Tenere nameplate.

The Tenere 700 Rally Edition pays homage to the early Yamaha Dakar Rally victories in 1979 and 1980 with an exclusive Sky Blue livery, gold rims and a host of off road parts from the Yamaha official parts catalogue as standard fare.

While Yamaha hasn’t messed around with the Tenere’s performance, leaving both the engine and suspension as originally intended, the Rally Edition has some tasty additions worth the special edition premium.

Included in that higher base specification is Yamaha’s tough off road bash plate for the (brilliant) 689cc CP2 engine, which is not only thicker than the standard unit but also offers more coverage of the engine’s critical components. Adding to the protection is a radiator guard, a much needed accessory in our books.

Naturally, the normally optional Rally seat - which makes for easier transitions while riding off road - is also included, as well as the Akropovic exhaust silencer which adds a throaty burble into the mix and gives the impression of more performance.

Other additions include:

  • Chain guard

  • LED flashers

  • Grip pads

  • Off-road hand grips

Yamaha Motor New Zealand’s is yet to confirm whether the Rally Edition will make its way to our shores. We hope it does for the Sky Blue paint alone.

Priced in the UK at £10,447 ($20,200) the Rally Edition clocks in at a £1300 ($2300) premium. Considering the Akropovic exhaust is a $1500 option it seems like good value for everything that’s included.


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