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Aprilia Announces Taureg 660 Specs In New Video

Aprilia’s upcoming Tuareg 660 is hit property in the adventure market. A true middleweight based around the 660cc parallel-twin from the RS660, the Tuareg looks set to add an option for riders between the budget Yamaha Tenere and expensive European options.

While pricing and New Zealand arrival announcements are still a long way off (expect it sometime next year at the earliest), the details released by Aprilia paint a very competitive picture.

The 660cc twin now produces a claimed 80hp and 70Nm of power with the engine being utilised as a stressed member of the tubular steel trellis frame. Visually the bike has few bolt-ons and unnecessary bodywork, with the long flat seat sitting above the exposed subframe.

The suspension comes in the form of a 43 mm fork and progressive linkage monoshock, both with long 240 mm travel, ensure off-road traction and fun in places where others have to close the throttle. Ground clearance is claimed to be "more than" 240 mm and is matched with a seat height of "less than" 860 mm. We assume since the bike is still in development Aprilia aren't quite willing to set those figures in stone but it appears the chassis is well sorted in addition to the 21-inch and 18-inch wheel sizing.

Dry weight (that's minus the 18-litres of fuel, oil and coolant) is claimed at a low 187kg which puts the Aprilia right in the same ballpark as the Yamaha Tenere 700. However, the Aprilia goes all-in when it comes to technology and boasts a full APRC electronics package and 5-inch TFT dash. The APRC system covers the now expected aspects of electronic aids and includes Traction Control, Cruise Control, Engine Maps and Engine Braking.

Included in the electronics package are four Riding Modes, two of which are customisable with one being dedicated to off-road riding. Interestingly Aprilia will be giving riders the option to turn the ABS off at both wheels or only the rear through the electronics.

Visually we really dig what Aprilia has done with the new Tuareg. It looks simple and purposeful which is exactly what it needs to be in such a competitive market. Our only hope now is that the bike is priced at a point that makes it accessible to average riders.

Check out the full teaser video from Aprilia below:


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