You Can Now Support OnThrottle With Buy Me A Coffee

When I started in late 2018 I had no idea just what would be involved in keeping a motorcycling news website running in the long term. To say it has at times been a challenge and a steep learning curve is an understatement!

But after nearly three years of producing motorcycle content for, the site is still growing and helping to keep Kiwi motorcyclists informed with the latest in independent motorcycling news.

Being independent has its drawbacks. To stay independent and keep away from any conflict of interest with the local motorcycle distributors we don't run direct advertising from them. As a result the site currently relies entirely on Google ads for funding, which it turns out isn't the most effective way to pay the bills.

With Buy Me A Coffee, readers can support the site if they are in a position to do so without the need for me to introduce a paywall on content. While a paywall is an option, it goes against my beliefs in what’s mission is. That being that any Kiwi rider who wants to read about the latest motorcycling news should be able to do so regardless of who they are or their financial situation.

There are two ways you can contribute. The first is a one-off donation of $5 to “Buy Me a Coffee”. Do it once and feel good about helping to keep Kiwi motorcyclists informed.

The second is a membership. This is currently set at $3 a month or $30 a year. This not only helps keep the lights on but also gives you early access to review content and exclusive posts.

So if you like the service OnThrottle provides and are in a position to do so I deeply appreciate any contribution You feel able to make.


Mathieu Day-Gillett

OnThrottle Founder & Editor