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Shiny Side Up Events Cancelled - Goes Online Only For 2022

Last month we were shouting from the rooftops about Shiny Side Up Talk Series, which was set to hit 11 locations across the country. Now it's all been cancelled once again thanks to Covid-19.

There is a shining light of hope through the gloom of those cancellations, and that is the online event that is set to take place on the 10th of April, 2022.

As with last year, Shiny Side Up has a stack of prizes from an $8000 prize pool to be won over the 6-hour live stream event. Beaming in from all around the country will be talent and motorcycling gurus to share tips and more during the free online event.

So head to to take part and enjoy the tips, tricks, hacks, and your chance to ask the hard questions of NZTA, ACC, Rider Forever, NZ police and a whole lot more.

Confirmed speakers include Harley-Davidson Ambassador Jay Reeve from The Rock, Kawasaki and Rev'It! Ambassador Chaotic Blonde, ex-racer Andrew Stroud, Dr Chris Hurren, Sam McCafferty and Kevin Williams.

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