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Segway Apex: Did Segway Just Become Cool Again?

The brains behind the Segway electric mobility scooters (for lack of a better description) have just unveiled an electric motorcycle- the Ninebot Apex - and damn is this thing cool!

Set to make it’s official debut at the Consumer Electronics Show next week, the Apex is a stunning looking sportsbike in the same vein as the European Energica Ego with hints of other more conventional superbikes in the mix.

While official details in regards to the specification of the battery and power twin are thin on the ground, reports state that Segway-Ninebot is claiming a top speed of 200kph and a 0-100 time of under 3 seconds. That’s quite impressive, especially as the only other electric motorcycle we’ve ridden, the Harle-Davidson LiveWire, does 0-100 in 3 seconds and tops out 180kph.

With that said, the Harley is an actual product people can buy (at least in the USA) where the Segway Apex is still a concept.

Regardless, it is very cool to see more electric motorcycles being developed. With Segway also making electric dirt bikes, the company could become a global force in the e-bike game thanks to its already widespread distribution network. With the Harley-Davidson LiveWire a mind-blowing experience to ride we can’t wait to see other successful manufacturers get in on the game.

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