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Royal Enfield On A Global Rise Thanks To Interceptor 650

For a while it looked like the charming models of yesteryear where all Royal Enfield had in their bag of tricks, but the addition of the Interceptor 650 and its Continental GT counterpart to the competitive modern classic class - as well as the Himalayan adventure tourer - have brought the Indian brand back into the forefront of many riders minds.

In fact, Royal Enfield sales worldwide took off after the release of the UK developed 650cc twins.

Continuing to dominate the middleweight motorcycling segment (250cc-750cc), Royal Enfield added yet another feather to its cap as the Interceptor 650 and the Himalayan achieved new records in the UK.

Royal Enfield’s quintessential, modern classic roadster, the Interceptor 650, has been the highest selling naked style motorcycle in the UK for the last 12 months (as per MCIA data from June 2019 - June 2020), along with the adventurous Royal Enfield Himalayan at No.4. This is a first-of-its-kind achievement by any Indian two-wheeler manufacturer, selling in the crowded UK market.  

“Our vision is to expand and lead the middleweight motorcycling segment across the world, says Royal Enfield CEO Vinod K. Dasari.

“Towards this vision and further strengthening our position as a truly global brand, Royal Enfield has been consistently focusing on widening its footprint in international markets and creating engaging experiences for enthusiasts. Since its launch, the Interceptor 650 has been gaining momentum among consumers, and has won several awards globally. Dominating the mid-segment in the UK for a year, is a truly remarkable achievement that we are very proud of. We are equally delighted with the success of our adventure-tourer Himalayan which has been among the top 5 best selling middle-weight motorcycles in the UK consistently over the last 12 months.  This response from our customers in the UK has propelled Royal Enfield to become one of the fastest growing motorcycle brands in the UK.”

It’s not just the UK where the new breed of Enfields have been revitalising the brand. Here in Australasia, the popularity of the brand has also taken off since the addition of the 650 twins and Himalayan.

The Royal Enfield 650 Twins are proving to be just as successful in Australia and New Zealand, with the Interceptor taking out a top 10 position in the 2019 MIA sales figures - making it the top selling modern classic in the country.

”We are delighted to share that Interceptor since its launch in the APAC region has been garnering a very good response among our customers and communities, Royal Enfield’s head of business for the region, Vimal Sumbly said.

“We have over 4,500 Interceptor customers across our markets who subscribe to timeless styling coupled with contemporary performance. The quintessential modern-classic roadster was on an awards winning spree in the region. It won some of the most prestigious awards across Thailand, Australia and Philippines markets. In Thailand, the Interceptor won the “Best Modern Classic in the Middle-Weight category award two years in a row by the coveted Grand Prix group, in Australia it won the “Best LAMS Retro Award by Bike Sales Australia” and in Philippines we won the “Best Roadster Award” by C! magazine.

The two 650 twins take their inspiration from the British cultural icons of the 1960s and deliver oodles of torque across the power-band combined with a unique burbling exhaust-note. The combination was designed to bring to life the pleasure of pure motorcycling across any and all riding situations.

Launched in September 2018, the Interceptor 650, a quintessential roadster, soon shot to popularity across global markets. Underpinned by an ethos of fun and approachability that make for pure riding experiences, the Interceptor 650 has emerged a true world-beater by winning several awards and accolades including Indian Motorcycle of the Year 2018, MCN’s Best Naked Motorcycle of the Year 2019 and several other top gongs.

Led by the Interceptor 650 and the Himalayan, Royal Enfield has recorded an overall volume growth of 96% across its international markets in the 2020 financial year, with Europe registering 100% growth over last year.

Royal Enfield is positive the success of the Interceptor is a sign of things to come and a sign the company’s investment in its UK R&D facilities have been worth the expense.

“The Interceptor 650 marked the beginning of a new chapter and was the first truly global motorcycle from Royal Enfield, says Vinod K. Dasari.

It has paved the way for us to grow from strength to strength; by building more awareness and aspiration for the brand in international markets, and by growing the 500cc+ category more than 4-times in India. Both, the Interceptor 650 and Himalayan have brought in a lot of first time buyers into Royal Enfield and we believe these motorcycles have a strong potential to grow our international markets.”

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