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Kawasaki Reveals 2021 KX250 Lineup

Kawasaki overnight released details of the forthcoming 2021 KX line, with a couple of surprises for those of us expecting only a refreshed graphics kit for 2021.

If there was a weak point in the previous Kawasaki lineup, it was the lack of dedicated cross country machines with the main focus of Team Green being domination on the MotoX track. That changes for 2021 with the inclusion of two new cross country models in the form of the KX250XC and KX450XC, which join a refreshed moto lineup of KX machines.

Kawasaki New Zealand is yet to finalise pricing on the 2021 models, but we can expect the first examples of the bright green dirt machines to roll into dealerships around August or September this year.

2021 KX250 Highlights

For 2021, the KX250 builds on the engine changes from the 2020 version to deliver even greater power and an even higher rev limit, plus an electric start and hydraulic clutch to put the cherry on the top of the power plant package.

A new frame based on that of the KX450 contributes to improved handling that Kawasaki claims will enable even quicker lap times. Helping to achieve that claim is all-new KX450-style bodywork which has been designed to facilitate rider movement and control.

Just like in the Vulcan cruiser line, Kawasaki has enabled the ergonomics of the new KX250 to be easily adjusted to suit the rider with a choice of four handlebar positions.

With electronics becoming more prevalent in the sport Kawasaki hasn’t left the KX250 in the dark ages.

In addition to the three standard engine maps (switched by the traditional physical DFI plugs) Big Green is also offering the ability to further tailor the engine mapping using the optional KX FI Calibration Kit.

The handheld KX FI Calibration Controller, which enables riders to adjust engine characteristics (by rewriting actual

data maps) to suit their preference.

2021 KX250XC Highlights

Bringing Kawasaki back into the cross country world is the new KX250XC, which is one of two brand new models designed to take Kawasaki’s MotoX dominance to the open world.

Based heavily on the new motocrosser, the KX250XC takes the potent new package and gives it cross country specific upgrades.

XC-specific tuning includes maps for the engine, refined suspension and brakes, a 21”/18” wheel combination fitted with enduro-type tyres (Kawasaki , and convenient standard features like a side stand and skid plate make the new KX250XC even more attractive for racers and high performance trail riders alike.


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