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Indian Motorcycle Set To Cool Butts This Summer

In an industry first, Indian Motorcycle is set to offer saddles with the ability to both heat or cool the rider on demand.

While the ability to cool a motorcycle seat at the touch of a button isn't something we really thought was something the riding world actually needed (how about a global market LAMS spec entry-level machine now Indian?) the concept and technology behind it is actually pretty cool.

The system, which Indian is calling the ClimaCommand, utilises a proprietary thermoelectric module that pumps heat away from the rider as well as a patent-pending ducting system for cooling the thermoelectric module. Also in the mix is graphene, a highly conductive and flexible material that optimizes the distribution of heating or cooling while maintaining superior comfort according to Indian Motorcycle.

Indian Motorcycle claims its thermoelectric technology is more effective than the automotive market standard of HVAC convection systems. A critical performance benefit of the ClimaCommand technology is that it actually produces a surface that’s cold to the touch, rather than merely pushing cool air through perforations in the surface in the manner that HVAC system offerings operate.

“Despite advancements in heating and cooling for seats, we had yet to see a cooling technology that truly eliminated the discomfort of hot-weather, and with ClimaCommand, our engineering team has finally solved this problem,” said Ross Clifford, Vice President of Parts, Garments, and Accessories at Indian Motorcycle. “Our thermoelectric technology paired with graphene material is truly a game-changer, and another example of Indian Motorcycle bringing difference-making innovation to the market.”

To accomplish conduction heating and cooling, a thermoelectric module located within the seat directly regulates the temperature. Electricity is applied by a thermoelectric module to the graphene material, causing one side of the material to absorb heat and the opposing side to dissipate heat. By reversing electrical flow, the hot and cold temperatures alternate sides. A graphene material, which is a nanomaterial created from 100% carbon atoms, is then used to ensure the heating and cooling is dispersed throughout the entire seat.

The well-cushioned ClimaCommand Classic Seat delivers unprecedented comfort with Thunderstroke models. Independent rider and passenger controls (low, medium, high) allow the rider and passenger to remain in command of their heating and cooling levels. With no perforations, vents, or ducts, the seat’s vinyl cover is highly durable and water and UV-resistant. Passengers can add more comfort with Armrest Pads and a Trunk Backrest Pad, both designed and developed to seamlessly pair with the new ClimaCommand Classic Seat.

It’s important to note that the ClimaCommand Classic Seat is not currently integrated with Indian's Ride Command infotainment system and is operated by buttons next to the seat. However, Indian says Ride Command-integrated versions of the ClimaCommand Seat will be available for the 2020 Chieftain and Roadmaster later this year.


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