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Honda Adds Voice Control And More With New Motorcycle App

Like many other brands trying to integrate useful technology into their lineups, Honda has announced the launch of its own bespoke app for owners which brings in a host of useful features for the brand’s 2021 model year machines.

The app, called RoadSync, is free to download from the app store and allows riders of the 2021 X-ADV, Forza 750 Scooter and CB1000R to tap into their bike directly via Bluetooth and add extra functionality including voice commands, navigation, music control and even the weather forecast.

On the move all functionality is operated through a combination of voice commands and a 4-way toggle switch located on the left handlebar, meaning the rider doesn’t need to fumble around with their smartphone and can leave it safely stowed away.

Currently, the only other model currently with the potential to use the app is the Forza 350 scooter which offers it as an optional extra, but we expect Honda will slowly roll out the functionality throughout the range as each model is updated.

No word yet on when the tech will be available in NZ but it is starting to roll out in the EU and UK this month.

Honda Roadsync Highlights

Google Maps provides the navigation base for RoadSync with directions given to the rider by voice communication. Up to five pre-set favourite places can be stored while there is also the option to set a destination through voice commands.

Up to five frequent contacts can be stored and contacts can be selected by voice search. For incoming calls, the system announces the name of the caller to the rider.

There are five default Quick Messages stored within the app, all of which can be changed to personalised messages. Riders can voice-search a contact, then voice-input an SMS message to be sent in text form. Incoming messages are converted to voice feedback and relayed to the rider. Supported message apps include WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, making it highly useful considering the popularity of those platforms over traditional text messaging.

Riders can pre-select a favourite music app (Google Play Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc) in the RoadSync settings before setting off on their ride.

The day’s local weather forecast can be checked for the following hour, three hours or five hours ahead. When using Navigation a detailed forecast for the rider’s destination is also available.


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