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Harley-Davidson LiveWire Confirmed For September NZ Release

It’s been a year since we sampled Harley-Davidson’s electric future in Portland, and finally Harley-Davidson Australia has confirmed the local arrival of the groundbreaking LiveWire. Update - Harley-Davidson reveals LiveWire Pricing

While pricing is yet to be announced, and with H-D ANZ set to release more details later this week, the Motor Co.’s local marketing head Keith Waddell confirmed to the September release of LiveWire.

“A press release on the ANZ release is due this week however I can confirm that we will release in early September, he told MBW.
“We are looking to have an ANZ media launch closer to the end of August and are watching the COVID restrictions and related border closures.”

OnThrottle has reached out to Waddell and Harley-Davidson Australia to confirm the accuracy of the above quote.

LiveWire has been a long time in the making and comes at a crucial time for Harley-Davidson as a whole.

In fact, much of Harley’s recent attempts to distance itself from its old image has rested with the LiveWire, with the bike first making its public debut in 2014 as Project LiveWire before starting aloneside Scarlet Johansson in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We rode the pre-production version of LiveWire at Harley-Davidson's global launch last year and were firmly impressed.

With around 235km of urban range thanks to regenerative braking and a blisteringly quick 0-100kph time of just 3-seconds it was a hoot to ride.

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