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Ducati DesertX Going Into Production

It's one of the concept bikes of the last few years we've wanted most to go into production, and finally, Ducati has confirmed that the Scrambler DesertX will go into full production.

While the bike's production specs are still yet to be fully revealed, we know a few things about Ducati's upcoming adventure bike already.

Firstly, the DesertX will fall under the Scrambler Ducati sub-brand and will likely become the new hero of the range sitting next to, or slightly above, the Scrambler Desert Sled as the pinnacle of the brand.

Secondly, we know what powers the DesertX: Ducati's liquid-cooled 937 cc Testastretta engine. That means power figures in the realm of 110hp and 93Nm of torque.

As we've seen in concept form, the DesertX should have great off-road capabilities thanks to an all-new chassis designed around a 21-inch front wheel with suspension likely to be high-quality units, possibly Öhlins in a top-tier model.

Ducati is set to pull a long-tease on us, however, with the bike not set to be revealed in full until December 9th at the culmination of a six-episode web series teasing the DesertX.

The first episode premiers on the Ducati YouTube channel on September 30th at 4.00 pm Central European Summer Time ( that's 2 am Friday, October 1st for us Kiwis). We can't wait, though we'll probably wait until a more civilised hour to check out our first look at the DesertX.


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