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Cardo Systems Gets New Kiwi Distributor

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

The battle for motorcyclist's ears is heating up with the announcement that Darbi Accessories – the team behind the massive website – have taken on the Kiwi distribution of Cardo Systems wide range of helmet ready communications systems.

Cardo Systems has been in the motorcycle communication game for over 15 years, pioneering new innovations and changing the way riders think about how they communicate while on two wheels. The company even lays claim to creating the first Bluetooth unit for motorcyclists way back in 2004.

Constantly looking to improve the user experience, Cardo introduced Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) on its PACKTALK range for improved and enhanced intercom connection functionality and Natural Voice Operation that integrates with rider’s phones and unlocking the potential for hands-free navigation and communication. They also boast a partnership with JBL, a leading audio brand from HARMAN, allowing riders to have the ‘Ultimate Sound Experience’.

These features help to make the waterproof Cardo System units, a popular choice with riders and amongst rider training institutions, a trait that has carried through even to Supercross where the intercoms are used by teams to pass information to their riders in real time.

Whether you’re out carving canyons with your friends, passing the time chatting with your pillion, or battling through the dirt, Cardo Systems has the solution.

“We’re proud to begin our work with Darbi Accessories in New Zealand, Says Jonathan Yanai, Cardo VP of Global Sales.

“Our products are available through our strong partners globally so to add Darbi Accessories to this team is fantastic. They are already extremely established within the motorcycle market and we look forward to working with them moving forward, taking Cardo Systems to the amazing roads of New Zealand.”

The Cardo range all feature an IP67 waterproof rating, meaning the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour safely (more than enough for even the wettest ride!) and all feature a slimline design which aids in preventing turbulence while attached to your helmet.

Cardo's marketing makes a point that theirs is the only system truly versatile enough for both on-road and off-road uses, meaning it doesn't matter what or how you ride, you can stay in touch with your mates with a Cardo.

Top-end models, like the Packtalk range, feature quality JBL speakers, automatic volume control, audio sharing and much more. Plus, the whole range can be controlled via the Cardo Connect app or with the built-in voice commands.

Darbi Accessories has confirmed pricing for the Cardo range will start at $259 for the entry level Freecom 1+.

Also considering the company is one of the largest bike gear distributors in the country we expect you'll be able to walk into most dealerships to pick up a Cardo of your own.

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