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Brough Superior To Return To New Zealand

Iconic marquee Brough Superior is soon to return to the New Zealand marketplace with the establishment of a distributor for the Australasian marketplace.

The name Brough Superior, naturally, carries a bit of weight behind it and while we haven’t actually seen a “new” Brough here in NZ since before the second world war, the brand was given a new life when the first bikes under the ownership of Mark Upham rolled off the French production line in 2016.

The new line of Brough Superior motorcycles is spread over four models including the über exclusive AMB001 Aston Martin collaboration, with the “lesser” models of the high-end marquee all based around a 997cc DOHC water-cooled 88° V-twin including a contemporary SS100 model and the rather cool Pendine Sand Racer.

Based out of Brisbane in Australia, Brough Superior Australia – the new distributor for our part of the world – is preparing to relaunch the brand here including all four models depending on whether the 100 examples of the AMB001 is sold out prior to launch.

Pricing for our market is yet to be finalised, but expect to see prices well in excess of $100,000 to take ownership of one of these unique motorcycles.

More info regarding availability and pricing is expected to be made available in the coming weeks, so watch this space!

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