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BMW Debuts CE 04 Electric Scooter But It's Not Coming To New Zealand

BMW has revealed its latest production electric scooter, but don't expect to see any examples of the new CE 04 in New Zealand. At least not in the near future.

Designed for the urban commuter, the BMW CE 04 is the final incarnation of the 2017 BMW Concept Link and last year's BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04.

“The BMW CE 04 is our new electric star for the city. It combines an e-drive with emotion and motorcycling fun," says Oliver Zipse, CEO of BMW AG.

"The latest technology, and the best battery cells, which also provide power in the BMW iX. Just like the CE 04, all future new BMW Motorrad models for urban mobility will be pure electric.”

Claimed performance is quite decent, with BMW Motorrad saying the CE 04 can do the 0-50kph dash in 2.6 seconds with a top speed of 120kph. Peak power from the electric motor is 42hp while the maximum range from the 8.9kWh battery is. 130km, so it will be able to cart you off to the shops after work for your grocery run with ease.

However cool the CE 04 is, New Zealand's BMW Motorrad distributor Europe Imports currently has no plans to bring the latest EV from BMW into the country.

Talking with Nick Lewis from Europe Imports, it is apparent there is a couple of big reasons for this decision, with the first being the current lack of demand for premium electric motorcycle products from Kiwi motorcyclists. Sales of Harley-Davidson's LiveWire being a prime example of this with only a handful registered here with most being dealer demonstrators.

The second is a more practical reason. With only a small number of high-priced electric scooters in the current BMW Motorrad range, there isn't a strong enough business case for dealers to make the investment needed to be able to sell electric motorcycles. At least not in the current climate.

Dealers would need to not only invest in training staff to safely work on the new electric bikes, they'd also need the surrounding infrastructure to charge and maintain them.

With the current interest in electric technology from motorcycle manufacturers and most nations now having some form of deadline for the cessation of sales of internal combustion engine vehicles we will see more electric motorcycles and scooters in New Zealand. Just not quite yet...

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