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2022 Kawasaki KLR650 NZ Pricing Confirmed

Kawasaki New Zealand has confirmed the pricing of the new 2022 KLR650 which is set to return to dealerships from as early as August 2021.

Pricing starts with the base model which will feature ABS braking as standard and be priced from $11,495 and will initially be offered in Pearl Lava Orange.

The KLR650 Adventure model will arrive at the end of the year (currently slated for November/December) will be priced at $13,295 thanks to its additional extras at the point of purchase. These include panniers, fog lamps, frame sliders, tank pad, and DC and USB sockets.

The 2022 Kawasaki KLR650 has been thoroughly updated for the 2022 model year.

Instead of moving to a new engine, Kawasaki instead opted for modernising the 34-year-old 652cc single-cylinder heart of the KLR with the headline update being the addition of EFI for the first time.

Other engine upgrades include a revised intake and exhaust cam profiles and a reduced exhaust diameter to improve mid-range power and torque characteristics. A stronger cam chain guide material and shape add increased reliability on top of the units already strong record.

The 5-speed gearbox remains but Kawasaki says they have also made refinements to improve shifting feel and reduce weight.

While the main section of the frame remains essentially the same as the old model, the subframe has been integrated with the frame to increase torsional rigidity for a more composed ride. A new and 30mm longer swingarm also contributes to better handling.

The overall weight of the KLR650 is still on the heavy side with the bike tipping the scales at 210kg in its base trim. The KLR650 Adventure with its added crash protection and luggage tips the scales at 222kg.

Aesthetically the KLR650 leaps forward with a new LED headlight and forward fairing, however, from the seat back the bike looks very similar to the second generation.

Other visual changes are a new talker windscreen, which is now 50 mm taller for better wind protection and features two-position bolt-on adjustability that allows windshield height to be increased a further 30 mm.

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