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2022 Beta RR Racing Enduros Announced For NZ

EuroMoto, the guys who distribute the Beta Motorcycles brand here in Aotearoa, has announced that they will be bringing the full range of Beta's 2022 RR Racing models into the country with the exception of the 125cc 2-stroke and 350cc 4-stroke models.

The first examples of the new Beta RR range are expected to arrive in New Zealand as early as December 2021, however, this arrival date largely depends on global shipping circumstances which have been a thorn in the side of motorcycle distributors in NZ for the past year and a half.

For the 2022 model year, the Beta engineers at the Rignano sull’Arno factory have worked on developing upgrades for both the suspension and the powertrain, while keeping all the styling and functional details you'd expect from a race-focused version from Beta, to save weight and make these bikes even more practical for real-world race conditions.

Along with a hot new set of graphics for 2022, and in keeping with the Racing name they’re bestowed with, each bike in the RR Racing MY 2022 differs from the standard bikes in a number of ways.

Included in the RR Racing standard kit is a quick release front axle, made immediately recognisable by the red anodised alloy release lever, red Vertigo handguards, Ergal alloy footpegs, a ZF supplied rear sprocket with anodised aluminium core and steel toothing, a dedicated blue racing saddle with anti-slip upholstery and document holder pocket, anodised black gear lever and rear brake pedal. There’s also a number of parts that are more bling than performance to further add further emphasis to the RR Racing’s pedigree including anodised red aluminium gearbox oil filler cap, engine oil filler cap and oil filter cap anodised red aluminium, along with chain tensioners in red ergal alloy.

The 2022 RR Racing models remain blessed in the suspension department by top quality 48mm KYB AOS closed cartridge forks. Beta says these have been continuously honed and improved through collaboration between Beta and supplier Kayaba, ensuring maximum performance of RR Racing bikes. The forks feature anodised internal parts to minimise sliding friction, while adjustable compression and rebound damping let each rider find the perfect setting. Beta's engineers have revised the calibration of the suspension to improve comfort during initial compression, in an effort to reduce rider fatigue from when shocks from the terrain are transmitted to the rider.

Unlike past Racing editions, which received no substantial modifications to the engine over the standard model, for the 2022 range, on two of the 2-stroke models - namely the RR 300 and RR 200 - the powerplants have been upgraded to add a pinch of spice to the recipe.

On the RR 300 2-stroke the cylinder block now features a cylinder with modified exhaust and transfer port geometry and a new head, combined with a differently calibrated power valve. According to Beta, the new head also produces a higher compression ratio, resulting in a substantial increase in performance for the 300.

To better manage the increased power output of the engine, Beta's engineers have upgraded the power valve, changing the internal spring and adjustment system to ensure full-bodied and readily accessible power delivery throughout the rev range. The ignition advance has also been modified as a consequence of these upgrades to the engine.

Beta's engineers have also modified the head of the 200cc 2-stroke version and replaced the two power valves used in the standard engine with a single, stiffer component. These upgrades contribute to increased power at mid to high engine speeds.

When it comes to the 4-strokes, the most significant new feature for the 2022 range is the introduction of traction control - a first on an RR bike.

Advances in motorcycle technology are giving shape to new components and systems usable even on enduro bikes, which let the rider make more effective use of the vehicle in all possible conditions.

The TC function can be engaged at any time from a new button on the control panel in the usual position between the steering tube and the fuel tank. As both the TC function and engine map selection function are controlled from this panel, it now has two control buttons and two separate indicator LEDs for the two functions.

Pricing of the 2022 Beta RR Racing range is expected to be announced by EuroMoto closer to the arrival of the first shipment of bikes.

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