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2022 Beta RR Range Debuts

As the saying goes, there's always room for improvement and that is the exact approach Beta Motorcycles has taken when it comes to the new 2022 RR range.

Due in New Zealand around September, the new Beta enduro focussed RR models look the goods with slick new graphics with the upgrades continuing throughout the chassis, suspension and engines of both the 2-stroke. and 4-stroke models.

Currently, Beta's NZ distributor Euromoto doesn't plan to bring in the RR125 2-stroke or the RR350 4-stroke to the Kiwi market due to pricing and low demand for the outgoing models. That means the NZ Beta enduro range will consist of six models for 2022.

The goal of the Beta engineers for the 2022 RR range was to fine-tune the bikes without altering their unique character, accentuating all the outstanding qualities setting each individual model apart.

Upgrades covering the whole RR range for 2022 include new compression damping settings with independent high and low-speed damping rates for the mono-shock. Beta says this prevents the two parameters from influencing each other and limiting the suspension tuning options for the rider.

The fork settings have also been revised to improve rideability and precision during extreme use. The fork tubes are now different in colour, thanks to the new anodising process which improves the surface hardness and corrosion resistance of the fork.

Visually, all 2022 Beta RR models now feature a hot new all-red colour scheme. Combined with the new graphics, which perfectly match the shape and componentry of the bike, the new style gives the bike a very sleek, race-bred look.

But Beta hasn't just given the bikes a new look and revised suspension, with certain bikes in the range getting a broader hit with the upgrade stick.

For 2022 the RR300 2-stroke gets a completely revised engine. The new heart beats along with an all-new larger bore cylinder, new piston and a new power valve. Naturally, a larger bore mean's a shorter stroke, which is achieved by a new shorter throw crankshaft. The cylinder head is also completely new, having been redesigned to accommodate the other changes to the engine.

The RR300 breathes through a new smaller diameter silencer, with Beta claiming improved top-end performance and traceability of the engine.

The 300 model also gains a new clutch, with smoother and less strenuous control action, more effective engagement and increased transmissible torque. This clutch also features a mechanically adjustable spring preload, offering a choice of 3 settings with a specific adjuster ring.

Beta says that the new engine, combined with a dedicated new engine control unit map, boasts a smoother and more progressive response to throttle input and more linear power delivery. Despite the significant hike in maximum power, the bike as a whole is also easier to handle and more intuitive and forgiving to use than before.

The RR250 also gets a clutch with diaphragm springs, with the idea behind this to make the clutch action lighter, more progressive and more controllable in order to significantly reduce rider fatigue. Beta is claiming both engagement and disengagement have been improved, while the clutch is now capable of transmitting even more torque.

The 2022 4-stroke RR models all gain a new electronic control unit. This unit has been improved to offer better “dry/wet” map management and take advantage of the engine brake effect more effectively, to let the rider make full use of the potential of the engine. The map selector button remains in its familiar position between the fuel tank and the headstock, where it is easily accessible but protected against accidental knocks bumps which could inadvertently change the setting or break the button itself.

The 4-strokes also gain a lighter new primary transmission, while these models are also equipped with the new clutch with diaphragm spring with 3 user-settable spring preload levels, with more progressive and smoother control action and, as already mentioned, increased transmissible torque.

Pricing is yet to be announced for the 2022 Beta enduro range, with the first bikes expected to land in September.


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