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First Look | 2021 Beta RR Range

Beta Motorcycles have announced their new RR enduro models, and the theme for 2021 is red to the core.

The 2021 RR Range brings with it numerous evolutions Beta’s models launched in 2020.

In addition to the tests performed in competition, the huge success of the RRs among enthusiasts all over the world has enabled Betamotor technicians to further test, develop, and improve the RR’s, resulting in a 2021 bike that is a mix of high quality, technological innovation, and riding pleasure.

The eight model lineup consists of four 2-stroke and four 4-stroke models in capacities for those familiar with the 2020 line.

In the 2-stroke line the 125cc once again kicks things off, followed by the 200, 250 and is topped off by the 300cc smoker.

The 2021 4-stroke line starts off at 350cc before moving up to the 390, 430 and 480cc variants.

For 2021 Beta builds on the 2020 platform with an evolutionary approach.

Starting with the chassis, Beta has updated the chassis in the steering head area and in the reinforced plates for improved feel and durability. The accessories supplied have been modified to provide better protection against wear. Beta has also improved the subframe, with the goal of making it more robust and durable.

Visually the most striking change for 2021 is, of course, the move away from a predominantly white colour scheme to a full red aesthetic. Underneath all that red are updated side-panel mounts for easier use along with a newly optimised airbox with improved waterproofing.

While dirt bike seats aren’t known for their comfort, Beta has set to work in this area with improved foam and base plate to provide not only a more comfortable ride but also provide better rider support.

While the engines see no significant updates, Beta has swapped in a new electrical system which offers improved charging efficiency while also updating the speedometer for better reliability and precision.

With suspension a crucial component on any bike, Beta hasn’t left the ZF suspenders alone. In addition to a new shock absorber setting to help increase traction, there have also been numerous internal component upgrades to the ZF fork to further improve fluidity and


This relentless quest for success which has been built on through top-level competitions, exhausting tests of Beta’s research and development team, and feedback from enthusiasts have made it possible to fine-tune and apply numerous improvements on the new RR’s.

Globally the new Beta RR line is becoming available this month with NZ availability and pricing yet to be set at the time of writing.


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