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2021 Yamaha Dirt Pricing Announced

Yamaha Motor NZ has revealed pricing for its 2021 range if dirt bikes, along with heavy revisions for the YZ250F and YZ450FX models.

Pricing for next years models, most of which come in Yamaha’s signature blue colour scheme, starts at just $2199 for the PW50 kids bike, with the range topping out at $15299 for the new YZ450FX.

The new YZ range starts in the minis with the YZ65 – priced from $6,999 – and includes old favourites like the tried and true YZ250 all the way through to the new YZ450FX.

Also new for 2021, the YZ250F and YZ450F will be offered in special Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Editions, bringing everyday riders access to a factory race team-inspired aesthetic off the dealership floor much like we've come to expect from rivals Husqvarna with their Rockstar Energy editions. 

Headlining the 2021 reveal for motocross fans is the new YZ250F, which features engine refinements, a revised frame, new suspension settings and new brakes.

The aim, Yamaha says, is to provide a bike with the best balance of power and handling to dominate in competition use. 

For 2021 the YZ250F receives an all-new cylinder head with an improved intake port shape and new camshaft profiles, as well a new airbox and intake track, a new silencer, and an updated ECU. Electric start, as riders now expect, is standard fare.

Other refinements come in the form of an updated transmission and shift cam, a revised clutch design and improved water pump impeller, all have the goal to help to produce stronger mid to top-end power and increased peak power without losing out on the low-end torque the YZ250F is known for in its class.

Chassis wise the 2021 YZ250F receives an updated aluminium, bilateral beam frame, with new engine mounts which have been redesigned with all-new flex characteristics to improve bump absorption, traction, and cornering performance while out the rear the KYB shock gets revised damping characteristics to match the updated chassis.

Improved braking performance is achieved with newly engineered lighter front and rear brake calipers, larger surface area brake pads, and redesigned front (270mm) and rear (240mm) discs.

Wireless tuning again makes an appearance via onboard wireless connectivity through Yamaha Power Tuner App. Once settings are dialled-in, riders can then choose between two user-defined ECU maps on the fly via the handlebar-mounted dual-mode engine map switch. 

The new 2021 YZ250F will be available from dealers in Team Yamaha Blue for $13,699. The Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition comes with a $100 premium on top of this.

The 2021 YZ450FX also features a new 449cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, electric start engine with an all-new compact cylinder head with redesigned combustion chamber shape, and steeper valve angles.

The rearward-slanted cylinder houses a higher compression piston with low friction rings attached to a longer connecting rod. The transmission has been refined to provide smoother shifting, and a more efficient crank breather system has been adopted to decrease pumping losses. In all, the lighter, more compact engine produces increased power across the entire RPM range for stronger and more linear pulling power. 

The latest evolution of Yamaha’s lightweight aluminium bilateral beam frame has been redesigned with all-new flex characteristics that provide improved cornering performance, traction and bump reaction to give the rider more confidence to push harder in any off-road condition. 

Other chassis components such as engine mounts, top triple clamp and front axle, as well as the class-leading KYB suspension with enhanced compression and rebound characteristics, were carefully refined to reduce weight while improving handling and performance. 

To bring the new package to a stop, the 2021 YZ450FX features a newly designed front brake caliper, brake pads and front and rear disc. The combined changes to the new 2021 YZ450FX deliver increased power output with more controllable, linear acceleration and lightweight handling characteristics that mimic the YZ250FX. 

To further showcase the YZ450FX’s cross country edge, electric start, a lightweight lithium battery, and advanced fuel injection are all standard features. The front-positioned intake and rear-positioned exhaust layout deliver the widest spread of reliable power while balancing the weight for excellent mass centralisation

The 450FX also scores Yamaha’s dual-mode switchable engine mapping and wireless connectivity through the Yamaha Power Tuner App. This is in addition to the Yamaha Launch Control System helps. 

The 2021 YZ450FX will be available from Yamaha dealers in next-generation Team Yamaha Blue for $15,299.

2021 Yamaha Dirt Pricing

Fun Bikes

PW50 $2199

TT-R50E $2399

TT-R110E $3799

TT-R125LWE $5599

TT-R230 $7299

XT250 $7199

Competition Bikes

YZ65 $6,999

YZ85 $7,899

YZ85LW $8,399

YZ125 $11,199

YZ250 $12,799

YZ125X $11,499 

YZ250F $13,699

YZ250F Monster Energy Edition $13,799

YZ250X $13,199 

YZ250FX $13,999

YZ450F $14,799

YZ450F Monster Energy Edition $14,899

YZ450FX $15,299


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