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The Indecisive Man’s Harley | Harley-Davidson Sport Glide Review

Some manufacturers have a bike to suit all tastes, but what happens when the range is so plentiful your customers can’t choose between models?

Simple, you take some of the best aspects of a bunch of them, squish them together and sell the result. Marketing genius if you ask me!

That at least is what I think Harley-Davidson was thinking when they came up with the Sport Glide and going by MIA sales figures, it has definitely paid off, with the Sport Glide consistently one of Harley's best sellers since its introduction.

I think there are a few reasons for this. While some flashy bikes have come and gone, the Sport Glide - which retails from $34,750 - offers an incredibly versatile platform for Harley's core audience of cruiser riders wanting to experience the brand's Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine.

Along with that attractive big American V-twin a removable fairing and panniers which mean with the one bike you have multiple personalities you can unlock in just a couple of minutes. If you're an indecisive man and want to get a Harley, this is probably the bike for you!

Now, this isn’t my first experience with “the indecisive man’s Harley” as I rode it shortly after it arrived in NZ dealers back when I worked at Bike Rider Magazine. Fast forward a few years from that first ride and it’s interesting to see how little Harley-Davidson has changed the bike. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only updates have been the colour options.

Styling is a key factory of the Sport Glide. In fact, styling is the bike's key ingredient that sets it apart from the rest of the Harley Softail range. Up the front is a small batwing fairing which is easily removable to reveal the circular LED headlight beneath, while at the rear is a pair of hard pannier bags which when removed leave little trace that the bike comes with them.

At the centre of the Sport Glide is the smallest option in the Milwaukee-Eight engine range, the 1745cc 107. While it is the entry to the big-bore Harley range, personally I'm a big fan of the 107. While Harley-Davidson continues to push engine sizing out, the 107 is a beautiful unit that balances the character of a big Harley V-twin with the flexibility to actually rev it out and have fun.

While the Milwaukee-Eight 114 has become the go-to version of the engine for Harley, personally I find the 107 a much more enjoyable engine to ride. The 114 is a torquey beast, but the more balanced delivery of the 107 is something to behold.

Despite being 10kW and 21Nm down on power compared to the 114, the 107 is the sportiest engine in terms of rider feel and is much more willing to rev than its larger displacement counterparts. It is a beautiful unit that balances the iconic character of a big Harley V-twin with the flexibility to rev it out and have fun.

So what makes the Sport Glide stand out then?

Simple, it is a bike that can follow your mood from day to day with ease, yet packs all the character and fun you’d expect from a bike with its descriptive name.

Sure, it's the indecisive man's Harley. But at our core aren't we all a bit indecisive?

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