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Royal Enfield Meteor Gets 650 Twin Treatment

Royal Enfield has long been rumoured to be building on its 650 twin platform. While some fans might be disappointed that the long-rumoured Himalayan 650 is still yet to surface, Royal Enfield is surprised with the debut of the new Super Meteor 650.

The new Super Meteor gives riders a bigger (yet still LAMS) cruiser option within the Royal Enfield family with classic British-inspired styling. Aesthetically, we'd go as far as saying the Super Meteor looks a bit like the old Triumph Thunderbird twin - but that's just us.

As you'd expect, the Super Meteor is based on the brand's lovely 648cc parallel-twin engine in a cruiser-style chassis, the Super Meteor is expected to launch in mid-2023 and will be available in two variants.

Commenting on Royal Enfield’s cruiser lineage and approach to building motorcycles, Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director of Royal Enfield's parent company Eicher Motors Ltd. said, “We have always had a differentiated approach to building motorcycles and our gorgeous new cruiser, the SuperMeteor 650, is the next evolution of this approach.

Inspired by our own long-distance riding experiences and those of our customers, we have built the SuperMeteor to be absolutely enjoyable to all senses. The engine is super refined and responsive and offers relaxed part-throttle experience at highway-plus speeds, the riding ergonomics are fine-tuned to offer a leisurely, yet in-control riding experience, and the overall fit-finish of parts and materials evoke visual and sensory delight. The gorgeous silhouette and contours of the SuperMeteor have been inspired by generations of cruisers from Royal Enfield, and are at the same time, familiar, yet absolutely distinct.

The base Super Meteor 650 will be available in five colourways - Astral Black, Astral Blue, Astral Green and Interstellar Grey. The Super Meteor 650 Tourer acts as the grand tourer variant and will be available in Celestial Red and Celestial Blue.

Local distributors Urban Moto Imports have yet to announce pricing and availability but expect to release the bikes in a phased manner next year.


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