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Rieju Dirt Bikes Heading To NZ For 2021

Spain’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer, Rieju motorcycles has officially announced its heading to Kiwi shores with the appointment of Urban Moto Imports (UMI) as the Australasian distributor of the brand.

The first examples of the hand-built Rieju enduro line are expected to start arriving from February, with the latest bikes from Rieju being based off the last of the pre-KTM era GasGas two strokes.

"​We are excited to be introducing Rieju motorcycles into Australia and New Zealand for our past and future customers," says Urban Moto Imports CEO Joseph Elasmar.

“Rieju may be a new name in Australia and New Zealand, but its ancestry is smothered in Spanish Enduro pedigree. Rieju pickup the development where our former Enduro range left off, making it one of the most exciting and capable models in the off-road, 2-stroke Enduro market to date. We look forward to building on Rieju's 75-year heritage, whilst also continuing to support our past GasGas Enduro owners.​"

The Rieju brand is expected to launch in New Zealand in March – UMI is currently firming up its local dealer network for the brand – with pricing to be announced next month. While we don’t know exactly what pricing will be at this stage, UMI has indicated that the Rieju lineup with be priced “very competitive.”

Online parts and accessories orders will also be introduced soon after, which should aid in making the prospective ownership experience more appealing for the relatively unknown brand on our shores.

So Who are Rieju?

With 75 years in the business, Reiju is Spain’s oldest active motorcycle manufacturer, an impressive feat in of itself yet the company is a 100 per cent family-owned affair to boot. The wider factory produces 17,000 vehicles a year across 38 different models, with the bikes we’re about to see this year based off the 2017+ GasGas range, the rights to which Rieju bought off GasGas’ previous owners Torrot last year.

Rieju's "​Hard Off-Road​" 2-stroke Enduro range features premium spec components including KYB Suspension with Twin Chamber Forks, Nissin Brakes, Magura Clutches, Direct Reed Valve VForce 4 Intake, Exel and Goldspeed Rims, Renthal Bars and Grips, XTRIG Rocs Triple Clamps, Dual Mapping, FMF PowerCore 2.1 Exhaust Muffler and more.

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