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Moto Guzzi Centenary Models On The Way To New Zealand

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Moto Guzzi, the Italian icon is releasing a trio of special anniversary models into the wild, but only two will make their way to our shores.

The special centenary model V7, V9 and V85 TT all feature unique centenary paint schemes and stunning leather seats which takes inspiration. However, only the V7 and V85 TT Centenario models will make their way to New Zealand Moto Guzzi NZ has confirmed.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but the first examples of the centenary bikes are expected to arrive here next month.

“The Moto Guzzi centenary is a proud moment both for the Piaggio Group, which was joined by the Eagle brand in 2004 and for the Italian industry as a whole, not just the motorcycling sector, says Piaggio Group Chairman and CEO, Roberto Colaninno.

“Ever since 1921, every Moto Guzzi bike that has gone out into the world has been built at the Mandello factory, the place where the company was set up exactly one hundred years ago. All this will continue through its second century of history. Moto Guzzi is an example of all-Italian excellence. It has gone down in our country’s history without ever losing its youthful spirit and continues to inspire genuine passion among thousands of Guzzi bikers all over the world.”

Moto Guzzi is also planning to celebrate the milestone with one heck of a party at the Giornate Mondiali Moto Guzzi (Moto Guzzi World Days) which is scheduled to be held in the firm’s home town of Mandello del Lario from 9 through 12 September.

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