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Lost Track New Zealand: A Surfer's Ultimate NZ Adventure Ride

It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally watch Australian Pro surfer Torren Martyn’s latest Lost Track surf expedition which was filmed right here in NZ in 2018.

The project, a collaboration between Martyn and best mate/filmmaker Ishka Folkwell, saw the two Australians cross the ditch and take on what has to be a contender for the ultimate New Zealand road trip aboard a pair of Royal Enfield Himalayans.

Royal Enfield Australia and New Zealand helped equip the boys with the Himalayans, and after some basic preparations - including fabrication of a surfboard rack for Torren’s bike - the two friends set out in search of some of the best surf breaks this side of the pacific.

It really does sound like the best way to get around New Zealand, but if you can say one thing about motorcycling, it is that when it comes to carrying a decent load – like a pair of surfboards and a load of camera equipment – there are much easier ways to do go about it.

This caused a few headaches, but it didn’t stop the lads from living the dream, even if it meant some cold nights in the South Island under a DIY bivouac.

All told the boys spent a couple of months trekking around New Zealand aboard the Royal Enfields clocking up more than 13,000km in the process.

The little Himalayans performed well at the task and far better than Torren and Ishka’s initial plan to use ex-farm bikes ever could have, with only a couple of minor issues slowing the trip down. Incredibly, there were no riding mishaps along the journey with the only damage to the bikes coming after Ishka's bike was blown over in the wind at camp!

Regardless of your motorcycling affiliation, you’ll want to take it all in - from the epic waves to mountain passes the boys filmed along the way - with Lost Track New Zealand now live on YouTube.

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