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KTM and Husqvarna Electric Balance Bike Pricing Confirmed

KTM New Zealand has confirmed the pricing for their new range of children’s electric balance bikes which will also be available in Husqvarna colours alongside the traditional KTM orange.

The bikes are sourced from electric balance bike manufacturer STACYC and will offer two race models targeted at different ages riders not yet big or confident enough to take on the SX-E5 or EE-5 electric motocross models.

Entry comes in the form of the 12eDRIVE which will be priced at $1,259 which is targeted at 3-5-year-old riders with its 12-inch wheels and low 33cm high seat. The top speed from the three selectable rider modes is 14kph, while the lowest setting sees the 12eDRIVE top out at just 8kph.

The 16eDRIVE is the next step and is targetted at riders aged 4-8 which raises the seat height to 43cm and features 16-inch wheels. Power and speed are also increased on the 16eDRIVE when compared with the 12e model, with a top speed of a brisk 21kph.

Featuring three selectable power modes, as well as a non-powered coast mode, both the KTM and Husqvarna STACYC models allow younger riders to safely progress at their own pace before moving into either the larger internal combustion models or larger EE-5 or SX-E models.

The goal of the new entry models is to help our you to develop all-important hand-eye coordination, balance and throttle control, with a run-time of up to 60 minutes they offer long-lasting pleasure while also encouraging extended outdoor fun.


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