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KTM Adds Extra Electric Models For Kids

KTM is one of the few manufacturers not only taking electrification seriously but also offering the youngest riders in the sport a shot at riding the latest technology as well.

The latest example of this is KTM’s newest members of the kid's range - the KTM Factory Replica Stacyc 12eDRIVE and 16eDRIVE electric balance bikes.

Based on the already established Stacyc e12 and e16 models we saw wrapped in Harley-Davidson regalia at the international launch of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire (H-D bought Stacyc in 2019), the KTM models actually fit into an already established hierarchy and would give KTM a foothold in the hearts and minds of even younger riders.

KTM states that the idea behind adding the Statcyc’s to the KTM line is that any future rider can discover the basics of bars, wheels, torque and balance, before they then move up to the company’s SX-E 5 electric motocrosser.

“The diversity of the whole KTM Offroad range is something we are very proud of and now with the KTM Factory Replica Stacyc Drives we have an ideal first platform, says KTM’s Off-Road product manager, Joachim Sauer. It’s not only a cool and enjoyable product but one that carries pure strands of KTM’s Ready to Race DNA. Importantly, the two models are also further superb examples of how we can use e-mobility effectively. Future generations of riders can make their first revs into biking thanks to the KTM Factory Replica Stacyc Drives.”

The entry to the KTM electric range is now the Factory Replica Stacyc 12eDrive (say that 10x quickly…) and is designed with riders between 3 and 5 years old in mind. Featuring 12-inch wheels with pneumatic tires and a low 33 cm seat height, it allows riders to learn to push or coast with confidence before graduating to the 3-level powered mode. With a weight of less than 8 kg, thanks to an aluminium frame it shouldn’t be too intimidating for our youngest riders.

The next step up is the Factory Replica Stacyc 16eDRIVE, which as the name suggests adds 16-inch wheels into the mix to cover a wider age range (KTM says between 4 and 8) with a seat height of 43cm. The bike has a high-output motor that is slightly more powerful than its smaller brother.

Both models offer quick charging and roughly 30 - 60 minutes of run-time for plenty of fun, along with hours of hand-eye coordination and outdoor exercise.

At the time of writing, KTM New Zealand is yet to confirm when the new Stacyc models will join the SX-E 5 in the New Zealand KTM lineup or at what price point, but we can confirm that they will be heading our way.

Better start saving for Christmas then!

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