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Kawasaki's New W800 Unlikely to Come to NZ

Kawasaki unveiled a stunning new W800 motorcycle at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan this year, however, it is unlikely to be imported into New Zealand Kawasaki NZ Says.

Despite being a genuine modern classic, the Kawasaki W800 and the older W650 never seemed to really hit it off with Kiwi motorcyclists. With fierce competition from the likes of Triumph's Bonneville range, riders wrongly thought the Kawasaki's bikes were knock offs trying to cash in on the success of the Triumph bikes.

The fact of the matter is, the W650 and W800 both took their inspiration from 1960s Kawasaki parallel twin models, but riders remained unconvinced and took their 'modern classic' dollars to the British brand.

It's a huge shame, as the W800 Cafe unveiled at EICMA 2018 looks stunning. From the period correct bubble screen to the elegant cafe style saddle it is a thing of beauty. Add to that clip on handlebars and that stunning looking vertical twin in black and chrome and it really does seem like Kiwis are missing out on something a bit special here.

Heck, if a bike can make brown paint look good there is definitely no arguing that it's special, right?

If you desperately want to get your hands on one, start petitioning Kawasaki New Zealand now, as Kawasaki's marketing team have confirmed that the 2019 W800 and W800 Cafe are unlikely to make a comeback into the New Zealand market.

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