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Honda Updates CRF1100L Africa Twins for 2024

Honda’s flagship adventure machine has received revisions for the 2024 model year, with the touring-focused Adventure Sports variant receiving the lion's share of changes.

Engine-wise, both versions of the 2024 Africa Twin gain a boost in performance as Honda tweaks the 1084cc parallel-twin engine.

2024 sees the Africa Twin benefit from significant performance increases in both power and torque in the low and middle rev ranges. Peak power remains at 100hp, but Honda has managed to squeeze out a 7% increase in maximum torque, now 112Nm, which is delivered earlier at 5,500rpm rather than 6,250rpm. Physical tweaks to the engine include a bump in compression ratio which goes from 10.1:1 to 10.5:1, which alongside changes to the valve timing, intake ports, and updated exhaust system all matched to new ECU settings which allow the engine to draw more performance from each stroke.

For the 2024 Africa Twin, Showa’s Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment is now an option for the CRF1100L. Previously only available on the Adventure Sports variant, the Showa EERA system offers optimised damping in all riding conditions, as well as the ability to change rear spring preload on the move via the 6.5-inch touchscreen display. With 5 modes - SOFT, MID, HARD, OFF-ROAD and USER, the system’s flexibility means that damping adjustment can be programmed to suit the rider’s preference at the touch of a button.

Visually the 2024 CRF1100L Africa Twin is differentiated from its predecessors with a new, aggressively-designed front fairing with a larger 5-way adjustable screen which offers maximum forward visibility or increased wind protection depending on how the rider has it positioned.

The Adventure Sports evolves further into its role as Honda’s premier adventure touring machine, with the 2024 model dropping its 21-inch front wheel in favour of a 19-incher.

Honda has also altered the suspension stroke from the now standard fitment (Adventure Sports only) Showa EERA, which has been reduced by 20mm. Alongside the fitment of a wider front tyre on the new 19-inch wheel, Honda says these combine to give the rider more front-end grip and feedback, especially when fully loaded or two up, without dramatically compromising off-road performance. This change to the front end also lowers the centre of gravity of the CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports, contributing to improved low-speed manoeuvrability and ground reach.

Like the base Africa Twin, the Africa Twin Adventure Sports has had its front fairing aggressively redesigned to improve upper body wind deflection and aerodynamics. Like its sibling, it features a 5-level height adjustable screen. Because of its more long-range focus, Honda has also given the Adventure Sports a new seat and uses a +15mm thicker urethane foam cushion with optimised density to reduce long-distance riding fatigue.

Blue Wing Honda, the New Zealand distributor for Honda Motorcycles, is yet to confirm when the new Africa Twins will arrive in New Zealand and whether the updated machines will come at a price premium.

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