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Heavily Revised Yamaha MT-07 Confirmed For April 2021 NZ Release

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Yamaha has revealed the 2021 MT-07 which receives an MT-09 style aesthetic update including bold new LED headlight and functional improvements for the new model year.

While Yamaha Motor NZ is yet to finalise pricing, both the 655cc LAMS version and full power MT-07 HO (high output) will be arriving in April of 2021.

It doesn't seem all that long ago that the MT-07 received its first major update, which we tested in late 2018, but for 2021 the whole platform has been revised with improvements across the board.

Most obvious is, of course, the new styling which heavily mimics the MT-09 which Yamaha revealed a week ago. All lighting is now taken care of via LEDs, with the headlight taking a similar approach to that of the MT-09 with a whole new design featuring a bifunctional LED headlight flanked by dual-layer LED position lights to give the MT-07 the signature Y-shape face of the new MT family.

Other visual changes include new winglets on the sides of the newly-designed 14-litre fuel tank give the bike a more exciting looks. The new fuel tank covers are manufactured from injection-moulded plastic resin to reduce weight, and a 3D moulded texture is featured around the rider’s knee grip area to give improved controllability, a nice touch.

The 689cc 2-cylinder CP2 engine has been revised with a new air intake duct design and optimised fuel injector settings, as well as a new 2-into-1 exhaust and new ECU. Yamaha says these changes give the MT-07 a more linear engine response.

According to Yamaha, the torque/power curve has been refined to be smoother while also providing an exciting ride. Maximum torque (67Nm) is achieved by 6500rpm while peak power in the High Output version is achieved at 9000rpm. Yamaha Motor NZ has not released power figures for the 655cc LAMS approved version at the time of writing.

MT-07’s front dual disc size is increased from 282mm on the previous model to 298mm on the new bike, giving more stopping power and greater controllability with no gain in weight. Together with the 245mm rear disc, the new system offers increased performance – and with the fitment of the new tyres, the increased stopping power is meant to make a big difference in the wet.

Also helping in the handling department is a new tapered aluminium handlebar that alters the riding position by being 32mm wider to give a more assertive riding position as well as a little extra leverage for easier manoeuvrability at low speed.

Wraping up the major changes to the MT-07 is a high specification LCD dash with spot colour. This new inverted dashboard is similar to the unit fitted to the Tracer 700, meaning it has a compact and lightweight multifunction display with larger displays for the clock, gear, tripmeters and tachometer provides clear information. Yamaha says the use of spot colour gives an accent for key displays – and a new handlebar switch enables the rider to operate the meter more easily and efficiently.

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