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GasGas MC450 Gets Supermoto Treatment

GasGas is at it again with an all-new project to test the versatility of the brand's MC 450F platform. This time the focus is an all-out attack on tarmac corners with the MC 450F Supermoto project.

GasGas is clearly looking to expand its presence in the market, and after successfully creating a Flat Track bike from the MC450, the Spanish (but Austrian-owned) brand has now set its sights on the supermoto discipline.

Showcasing the latest in OEM accessories, GasGas transformed the MC 450 F motocrosser into a supermoto weapon as something that aspiring supermoto racers can build themselves if they happen to like the idea of getting on the Gas.

In stock trim, the MC 450F is an awesome motocross machine. But our curiosity got the better of us and we decided to fully transform one into a fully-fledged Supermoto. We began with the essentials - a specific wheelset and tires, stronger brakes, and shortened suspension, which are all readily available from the GASGAS Technical Accessories range. The final components were then added to make this a true Supermoto, another project bike completed!

Since coming under the ownership of KTM, GasGas has seen a lot of investment across the board in bringing the brand up to date with not only the latest in modern technology (thanks to using KTM models as a base), but it has also seen the brand move in to segments it has never previously had a foothold in.

After the Supermoto build, it appears GasGas has next set its sights on the big-bore enduro world with reports of a road-going ES 700 enduro and an SM 700 Supermoto - both based off the same platform as the KTM 690 Enduro and Husqvarna 701.

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