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GasGas Builds A Flat Track MC 450 For Laughs

When it comes to bike sport, nothing comes close to global growth than the discipline of flat track racing. There's just something about sliding a high powered bike around a dirt oval that must just catch people in a way that leaping triples and smashing through the bush doesn't.

With this in mind, GasGas has unveiled the company's first official project bike which has seen factory staff let loose with the accessories catalogue to transform the MC 450 motocrosser into a flat track weapon.

This isn't one of those slap on a set of 19s and be done with it builds, either. GasGas has thrown everything at the MC 450 from an Akrapovic exhaust to a shortened WP XPLOR shock with factory settings and a similarly modified XACT PRO fork that's held in place with a supermoto triple.

Internally the engine remains stock with the exception of the clutch which has been replaced with a Suter slipper clutch to prevent the rear wheel locking under hard downshifts and braking. This is covered by a Hinson clutch cover which looks cool and drops a few grams from the overall weight figure.

The wheels are 19 inches as per flat track specification (although GasGas has retained the front brake) and are wrapped in MAXXIS DTR-1 tyres. Gearing has also been looked at with the rear sprocket now a 48 tooth black anodised item.

Atop the front wheel is now an MC 85 front fender for that shortened look, while the full Akrapovic titanium race exhaust adds to the visuals at the rear.

GasGas is calling the result of the flat track build the FT 450F with the parts available as genuine factory-approved options.

With GasGas now dipping a toe into the flat track world, surely it is only a matter of time before we see sister brands KTM and Husqvarna do the same?


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