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Forma Adventure Boot Review

For years we've been hearing great things about the Forma Adventure boot, and finally we've managed to get our feet into some to see if the Adventure itself really lives up to the lofty expectations we've set them.


Review by Mathieu Day-Gillett


Italian firm Forma has been making motorcycling footwear for some time now. Originally producing boots for other brands, Forma split off and made their own way as their own brand and haven't looked back.

With boots worn by everyone from commuters to top-tier MotoGP riders, their range has something for everyone it seems.

For my needs, I wanted a boot that could run double duty as a comfortable and safe Adventure boot to compliment my Honda CRF250L Rally, but also be worn on a more regular ride without looking too out of place beneath my Rev'It! armoured jeans.

Priced from $459, the Forma Adventure boot (distributed by Forbes and Davies here in NZ) seems to accomplish this dual-purpose pretty well.

Sure, it isn't as armoured as say, a full-on MotoX or Enduro boot, but it trades off that super high level or lower leg protection for both comfort and versatility.

Coming up to just shy of my knee joint, there is enough protection from the usual stuff flung up from the front tyre.

The outer shell is made of full-grain oiled leather and looks top notch in either of the two colour options, that being brown or black. I opted for the black as it tends to work best with a wide variety of riding gear, but the brown looks fantastic as well.

Inside, Forma has ensured the Adventure boot is up to the challenges adventurous riders are likely to throw at them with a Drytex lining which is genuinely waterproof (our boots haven't let a drop of water in) and breathable. The latter works best with longer socks however as on hot days our black boots do get quite hot and sweaty.

After nearly a year of wearing these boots as my go-to footwear, I've come to feel I know them well.

Where they excel is in the comfort side of the equation. Forma hands down make some of the most comfortable boots on the market, and that is definitely something you want in a boot you're going to be wearing for days on end. I've had no trouble wearing these on long days out and about including long periods of time off the bike walking around.

In the protection side of things, I thankfully haven't had to put them to the test yet (touch wood), but they are quite typical for the adventure class of boots. There is a decent amount of flex in all areas, which contributes to the overall comfort of the boots, but on bikes with smaller footpegs you really do notice the areas where protection isn't so hot.

If you're going to be riding serious off-road adventure routes then you might want to look at one of Forma's MX or Enduro boots instead. For gravel roads, the odd muddy trail and touring - where let's face it, we'll likely be spending a lot of time - they are more than up to the task.

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