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First Impressions Review | MotoDry Rallye Suit

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

After a couple of spills at last year’s Yamaha Tenere 700 launch in Australia, my riding gear was looking a bit worse for wear and so the search began for a new adventure riding suit. What I eventually settled on was the new MotoDry Rallye suit, and on first impressions, I’m really impressed.

The MotoDry brand is new to the New Zealand market and is distributed by Darbi Accessories in Auckland. Recommend retail pricing of $319 for the jacket and $249 for the pants put this adventure suit as one of the most affordable in the market.

The Rallye comes only in the one colourway, but the grey and black with orange highlights has a very European look, while the actual cut of the suit is reminiscent of my old Rev’It! Poseidon suit I had while working at Bike Rider Magazine.

There’s plenty of features I really rate, including a zip to connect the two pieces together, plenty of adjustment points including the crucial arms adjustments, as well as a comprehensive set of built-in armour.

Importantly, the Rallye suit comes with both waterproof and thermal liners which are easily removed when not needed. I did find that with all the liners fitted the suit was a bit on the snug side, but with the thermal liner removed it loosens up a decent amount. Thinking about it the snug fit is probably by design to make the most out of that thermal liner anyway.

For the coming summer, there is a pile of ventilation which should make this suit a true year-round prospect.

It’s first big test will be a long weekend away in the Wairarapa for the annual New Zealand GS Rallye which will see over 1000km of riding use.

We can’t wait to see how this new addition to the riding wardrobe performs.


Gordon Attwater
Gordon Attwater
May 29, 2022

Has the Motodry suit lasted well?

Replying to

Pretty well considering its price point. I've got a more detailed review at Other than expected wear and tear (the decals have come off after a few washes) I'm still quite happy with it. If I know I'm going to be riding in rain I take an external rain layer but its otherwise done everything I've asked of it. Cheers, Mat

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