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Dapper colours for Royal Enfield’s Hunter 350

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is already one heck of a cool ride for those urban riders wanting an easy-to-manage commuter with modern classic style.

Now for 2024, Royal Enfield is adding two new colours to the lineup in the form of Dapper Green and Dapper Orange to spice things up and add even more appeal.

Since its release, the groovy little Hunter 350's popularity has become a testament to Royal Enfield's mission of delivering motorcycles that are innovative, stylish, and accessible. Across Asia Pacific business markets, the Hunter 350 has been instrumental in getting newer riders, and first-time motorcyclists onto Royal Enfield who want to bring a Shot of Fun in their everyday ride. 

It has also become a preferred motorcycle for customisation by leading Custom builders across markets in addition to kickstarting a strong community culture of like-minded riders.

With pricing at a mere $7,590, the Hunter 350 is one of those bikes that is just so affordable you’ve gotta give it a go if you’re on the hunt for a new commuter bike. 


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