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Can Am Announces EV Motorcycles For 2024

While predominantly known for its Spyder and Ryker three-wheelers here in NZ, Canadian Powersports giant Can-Am is finally returning to its two-wheeled heritage with a pair of all-new electric motorcycles.

Yep, Can-Am is going "green" with its return to motorcycling, with styling to match the futuristic new direction the company is taking. Amongst all those angles is a battery powering a new Rotax electric motor that has enough uumph to be "highway-capable". With wording like that, we suspect Can-Am is either trying to keep expectations low or they are taking aim at the underserved smaller and more affordable end of the electric motorcycle market.

Can-Am says it expects to release the bikes, dubbed the Can-Am Pulse and Can-Am Origin, in 2024 but we're going to have to wait until this time next year before we get any concrete specs on the bikes.

The Pulse is the street-focused bike of the two, while the Origin is marked down as a dual-sport and builds on Can-Am’s dirt heritage from its earliest days.

Currently, we have little in the way of details for the two upcoming Can-Am bikes other than the obvious aesthetic features and the single-sided swingarm.

They're admittedly aesthetically pleasing, and while there is no guarantee they'll even come our way we'll be hanging out until next August (that's August 2023) when Can-Am will give us more details ahead of their 50th anniversary.


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