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Sherco launches EB18 Factory Edition

Sherco is diving headlong into the world of electric minis with its EB18 Factory Edition which has just landed in local dealers.

a child riding an electric motorcycle

Priced at just $2,299 ride away, the EB18 Factory Edition joins the range as the new flagship balance bike model from Sherco. According to Sherco, it’s not just a plaything,  it's a tool designed to empower young riders in the 8-10 years range to develop the confidence and technical skills needed to take on the world of ICE motorcycles. 

The EB18 Factory Edition is powered by a 36V 500W brushless motor which, like other balance bikes on the market, offers multiple modes to tame the speed to the young rider’s ability before progressively unlocking more speed as they can handle it. The EB18 starts at Low which is limited to 15 kph, while Med allows up to 22 kph and high sees the EB18 Factory Edition top out at 30kph.


As the name suggests, the EB18 Factory Edition rolls on 18-inch alloy spoked rims to suit older novice riders entering the moto world. Pulling the EB18 to a halt is a set of front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for confident stopping power.


a sherco EB18 kids balance bike

In the suspension department, the EB18 Factory Edition sports adjustable front suspension, featuring a hydraulic lockout function, while the rear suspension is an oil/gas shock to cater to individual preferences, delivering a customisable and comfortable riding experience. The height-adjustable seat ensures that the bike grows with the rider, providing long-lasting enjoyment.

 With a simple twist-and-go throttle, battery-level display, and essential safety features like a kill switch with a safety lanyard, riders can confidently explore and build their skills in a way that is hard to achieve with an internal combustion engine machine..

Each EB18 Factory Edition comes with an NZ 240V household charger, owner's manual, and toolkit. To help build extra peace of mind, each EB18 Factory also comes with a 12-month parts-only warranty.

a child riding an e-bike on a dirt track



Sherco EB18 Factory Edition Specifications


•    A 36V 500W brushless motor

•    3 speeds: Low 15km/h, Med: 22km/h, High: 30km/h

•    Run time is 30-60 minutes (depending on power setting and riding conditions)

•    Recharge time is two-three hours

•    A quick-change spare battery is available ($349 - sold separately)

•    Simple twist-and-go throttle with a battery-level display

•    Kill switch with safety lanyard


•    Both front and rear hydraulic disc brakes

•    Alloy wire-spoked rims

•    18 x 2.5-inch tyres


•    Premium alloy frame, handlebars and pegs

•    Front Suspension: adjustable, triple clamp fork with hydraulic lock-out function

•    Rear Suspension: adjustable, oil/gas shock

•    Height-adjustable seat


•    Recommended age: 8-10

•    Max rider weight: 50kg


•    Each bike comes with an NZ 240V household charger, owner’s manual and toolkit.

•    12-month parts-only warranty



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