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Benelli Teases 2022 TRK800

Benelli's popular TRK502 series is about to get a bigger, badder brother with the Chinese/Italian company teasing the new 2022 TRK800 ahead of its full reveal at EICMA this year.

Apart from drastically different styling, we don't know much about the specs of the TRK800.

Assuming Benelli's platform sharing thinking continues into the new model, we'd expect the TRK800 to be powered by a variant of the 754cc parallel-twin engine which debuted with the 752S earlier this year. Possibly with a bump in displacement to closer match the TRK800 badge and boost power above the claimed 75hp of that engine.

As for what side of the adventure touring spectrum the bike falls on, well, that too is yet to be confirmed. By the brief glimpse in the footage, it looks like the TRK800 will debut as a more road-oriented machine just like the 502 did originally before a more all-roads capable version was released.

We'll know more once the wraps come off at EICMA 2021 at the end of the month.


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