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Vespa's latest Lunar New Year special edition drops - meet the Vespa 946 Dragon

Special edition bikes seem to be an unavoidable aspect of the motorcycling landscape these days, but you've gotta give credit where its due, nobody does a special edition quite like Vespa.

The Italian scootering icon's latest special-edition machine continues the brand's commitment to dropping a new Lunar New Year-inspired limited-run machine each year until they run out of Lunar New Year animals.

This year's bike ushers in the year of the dragon, and it's kinda cool. It even has a matching varsity jacket in honour of the Year of the Dragon if you really want to go all in on the theme.

In its release, Vespa states that "the Vespa 946 is reimagined in a golden hue for the exclusive Dragon collector’s edition, embodying the fierce spirit of the scooter."

It's definitely eye-catching, though it may have somewhat limited appeal to Kiwis unfamiliar with the Lunar New Year.

In total, Vespa will be crafting a limited run of 1888 examples of the 946 Dragon with its vibrant emerald green dragon motif that snakes around the livery.

Vespa New Zealand has confirmed that three examples of the Vespa 946 Dragon will be heading our way in the coming months, likely March 2024, with pricing yet to be announced.

To commemorate the launch and pay homage to the Lunar New Year, Vespa is also releasing its inaugural fashion item. The exclusive Dragon Varsity Jacket goes hand-in-hand with the iconic scooter and reflects its signature combination of style and legacy.

Drawing from the Vespa 946 Dragon’s design, the ribbed wool and nappa leather-sleeved varsity jacket features a dragon motif in emerald green alongside prints and embroideries on the left pocket and back panel. The jacket’s front panel features Vespa’s iconic V monogram accompanied by an ancient Chinese proverb.


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