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Triumph Trident 660 gets special edition treatment - meet the Trident Triple Tribute

Triumph’s Trident 660 has been wildly successful for the brand since its initial release. Now it is finally getting its very own special edition variant - the Trident Triple Tribute Special Edition.

A motorcycle in a parking garage

New for 2024, the Trident Triple Tribute celebrates Triumph’s legendary triple engines and

will be available for one year only. The Trident Triple Tribute is a contemporary take on Triumph’s iconic ‘white, blue and red’ racing scheme of old, and features the distinctive ‘67’ graphic, which once adorned the most famous Trident in history, a bike called ‘Slippery Sam’ which won the Isle of Man TT a record five consecutive years, from 1971 to 1975.

Triumph Motorcycles New Zealand has confirmed that just six examples of the Trident Triple Tribute will be coming to our shores with pricing announced closer to the bike's local release.

The Trident Triple Tribute continues the Trident's eye-catching notions, taking its inspiration from the most celebrated Triumph triple bike of all time, ‘Slippery Sam’, which is the only motorcycle ever to win five TT production races in five consecutive years, from 1971 to 1975. The white, blue and red scheme with colour-matched fly screen and belly pan set the bike apart from the regular Trident, while a factory-equipped quickshifter helps keep it humming like its legendary inspiration.

a motorcycle cockpit

“Since its launch in 2020, this middle-weight roadster has reinvigorated this highly competitive category, selling more than 35,600 units worldwide”, Triumph Motorcycles Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Stroud said.

“It’s triple engine and premium detailing at a great price, has been successful in bringing

younger and new riders to Triumph, and just as ‘Slippery Sam’ once inspired a generation,

we believe this special edition has the iconic style, extra technology and dynamic

performance to appeal to today’s Triumph fans.”

Like the current Trident, the Triple Tribute will only be available in LAMS guise with 54PS of peak power achieved at 8750rpm and 59Nm of peak torque at 5,000rpm. The full power model available overseas, by comparison, puts down 81PS and 64Nm at its peak meaning it has not received the same engine enhancements as seen on the soon-to-be-released Daytona 660.

a Triumph motorcycle fuel tank

The distinctive tank design with number 67 race graphic surrounds the signature knee cut-

outs, complementing the flowing seat line. With an impeccable attention to detail, the Trident

660 features high-quality Triumph badges in both the headlight and taillight and logo

touches on the fuel filler cap, handlebar clamp and instruments, plus an inset aluminium

Trident badge with diamond machined detailing. Body-coloured radiator cowls, aluminium

yokes and heel guards, body-coloured fork protectors, tapered aluminium handlebars and

teardrop shape mirrors, with five-spoke, black, lightweight, cast aluminium wheels, complete

the eye-catching look.

If you want one you’ll need to be quick, as there are only six examples destined for our shores.

a motorcycle in an indoor parking garage


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