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Triumph Stealth Editions confirmed for NZ

Triumph Motorcycle's modern classic range of Bonnevilles have always been lookers, but for 2024 they get even more so with the introduction of eight Stealth Edition motorcycles.

The range of dramatic new custom-style paint finishes will be available for one year only, with each model featuring its own unique tank design, which showcases a dramatic hand-painted finish that intensifies in the light to reveal vivid colour.

The eight Triumph Stealth Editions include the Bonneville Speedmaster in red, the stripped-back Bobber in purple, the T100 and T120 in a striking blue, the popular Speed Twin 1200 in red and the agile Speed Twin 900 in green, the Scrambler 900 in eye-catching orange, and finally, the moody T120 Black features a sophisticated matt silver finish.

The process starts with a base layer of mirror-finish metallic ‘Silver Ice’ being applied to each tank, followed by a precisely placed dark-to-light ‘Sapphire Black’ graphite vignette. Finally, a translucent tinted lacquer is applied in multiple layers, to build a deep and rich top coat.

The transition from dark-tinted graphite to vibrant colour, springs to life when exposed to light, varying in hue and tone under different conditions and appearing different from every angle.

The hand-painted finish ensures subtle variations, making every motorcycle truly unique, and yet going by Triumph Motorcycles' website the uniqueness won't cost you extra. Grab yours while you can!


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