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Suzuki GSX250R Sets Out For Sales Success

It's no secret that the biggest segment in the New Zealand motorcycle market by sales volumes is the light sport/commuter category, and Suzuki has seen an incredible amount of success there with its GSX range of small capacity machines. New for 2020 and sure to shake up the market further is the recently launched new GSX250R model range.

Produced in both fully faired and naked versions, the new Suzuki’s are learner legal, yet are full-size motorcycles capable of both open road and urban duties.

Thanks in part to the huge success of the smaller GSX150F line, Suzuki is the number one selling road bike brand in New Zealand. In fact the Japanese brand has had that honour for over 20 years. The launch of the new GSX250R seems certain to help the brand maintain that position, and pricing for the new GSX250R set at a very attainable $4,799 and $4,999 for the naked and faired versions respectively. A price point Suzuki claims is "unbeatable" for value.

The design of the new Gixxer takes styling cues from Suzuki’s legendary stable of cult motorcycles such as the GSX-R series, as well as the high-speed Hayabusa.

Power comes from a single-cylinder 250cc engine that draws from Suzuki’s MotoGP experience. It incorporates SOCS (Suzuki Oil Cooling System), combining weight reduction and friction reduction technologies to provide high output, compactness, low fuel consumption, high durability and ease of maintenance. Suzuki says it has drawn from its MotoGP technology to reduce the weight of valves, rocker arms and retainers which in turn results in high power and torque output without compromising fuel efficiency.

There’s a six-speed transmission, and of course, ABS braking is standard equipment. The ABS is a dual channel system, which means that both front and rear wheel speeds are measured, and wheel slip is limited at both wheels. There are disc brakes front and rear, and the front brake has a large 300mm disc for strong effective braking.

The low 800mm seat height combined with the bike’s narrow profile means that shorter riders can comfortably place their feet on the ground when starting or stopping. The GSX250R is equipped with Suzuki’s easy start system, so riders can easily start the engine by simply pulling the clutch and pressing the starter switch just one time. The starter function then takes over, turning the engine until it fires.

The wheelbase is a generous 1345mm, and this contributes to exceptional straight-line stability, making the bike very rider-friendly for both new and experienced riders. The wide, 160R-17 rear tyre ensures plenty of contact with the road surface to provide assured grip and feel and additional rider confidence.

It looks like a fun little machine and with LED lighting as standard should offer plenty of visibility for those late-night commutes home.

We're looking forward to swinging a leg over the GSX250FR – with its stylish fairing – some time post-lockdown.

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