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Red Bull's Canyon Clash is audibly arousing

Since the loss of Ken Block, the world has been missing out on a lot of gratuitous online motorsport films with a pure soundtrack of revs and incredible shots of vehicles sliding about in the name of hooliganism.

Clearly, Red Bull has been feeling the same way and sent a pair of racers down a dark valley in the Kemaliye district of Turkey (AKA Türkiye) with a camera and some sonorous exhausts.


Starring in the short and gloriously music-free film is Toprak Razgatlıoğlu, the 2021 FIM World Superbike Champion, alongside Ayhancan Güven, a DTM racing series driver.

While both are known for their on-track persona, it quickly becomes pretty clear both are far from unskilled in the dirt with both swapping their circuit machinery for an off-road challenge in Türkiye’s Kemaliye district within the enigmatic Dark Canyon. 

A location renowned as one of the planet's deepest canyons, it is also listed in UNESCO's Tentative List of World Heritage Sites in 2021. Despite its name, the Dark Canyon stands out as one of the world's most captivating and formidable routes with 38 hand-made tunnels, notorious within the motorsports community for its daunting challenges.

The canyon is approximately 25 kilometres long, plunges over a kilometre deep, and has a base that tapers to 10-15 metres, with steep slopes that create a fascinating and challenging landscape. Venturing off the beaten track for the first time, the duo challenged each other to push their limits in an adrenaline-fuelled pursuit. The two track racers ventured out of their comfort zone and tried their hands at off-road racing for the first time ever.

Toprak Razgatlıoğlu, the flagbearer who brought the World Superbike Championship glory to Türkiye in 2021, said, “Riding a bike in a canyon is very different from riding on the track. My bike was too heavy to pull a stoppie, and it was not an easy terrain to ride; however, it was an exciting experience for me,” after navigating his bike through a winding road full of sharp turns.

Meanwhile, Ayhancan Güven, who achieved the prestigious Platinum license coveted by top riders worldwide this year, engaged in the showdown with a Skoda Fabia Rally2 car, marking his career debut with this vehicle. “There were a lot of challenges throughout the canyon, and the tunnels were quite difficult to pass through. It was the first time I drove this car, and the steering set was completely different from the one I normally drive. It was a challenging experience, but I had a lot of fun.”


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